アーカイブ : 2024年 6月

Tolerance Poster Show in Komenský Park in Košice, Slovakia

The Tolerance Poster Show opened in Komenský Park in Košice, Slovakia on June 28, 2024. The show is the third in Slovakia and features 100 Tolerance posters curated by Peter Javoric.

This show was made possible with the support from the Košice-Sever municipal district. We extend a special thanks to Igor Kupec and Beáta Harhovská for their invaluable contributions. We also would like to express our gratitude to Peter Javorík, who made this show possible through his relentless effort as well as for designing the poster and catalog for the show.

Thank you Mirko Ilic


Intercontinental Bienal 2024 Selected

My work is selected by Intercontinental Bienal 2024.

Selected Artists



Hiroshima Dentetsu Hand Towel will be exhibited in Italy

Our design work, Hiroshima Dentetsu Hand Towel, winner of the coveted A’ Design Award, will be exhibited in Italy, at Sala Bianco del Teatro – Via Bellini 3, 22100, Como / Italy, from 18th of July, 2024 to 25th of July, 2024, as part of a very prestigious international good design exhibition.

I am thrilled to share my award-winning design work, Hiroshima Dentetsu Hand Towel will be exhibited at the prestigious A’ Design Award Winner’s Exhibition in Italy. It is an honor to have my work recognized and displayed at such a renowned platform.

私たちのデザイン作品である広島電鉄ハンドタオルは、名誉あるA’ Design Awardを受賞し、2024年7月18日から2024年7月25日まで、イタリアのコモ市にあるSala Bianco del Teatroで、非常に権威のある国際的な優れたデザイン展の一環として展示されます。

「広島電鉄ハンドタオル」がイタリアで開催される権威あるA’ Design Award受賞者展に展示されることを大変嬉しく思います。このような著名なプラットフォームで私の作品が認められ、展示されることは大変光栄です。ありがとうございました。



Graphis Poster 2025 Gold×2, Silver

Graphis Design Annual 2025 (New York) : Gold Award x 2, Silver Award




Hiiibrand Awards 2023 Finalist

Hiiibrand Awards 2023にてHIROSHIMA DENTETSU TOWELがファイナリストに選出されました。

HIROSHIMA DENTETSU TOWEL has been selected as a finalist at the Hiiibrand Awards 2023.

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