Kurose Coffee
  • 6個入りのドリップコーヒーのパッケージです。広島県東広島市黒瀬町は自然豊かな環境で、町を流れる黒瀬川は清く澄んでいます。黒瀬の漢字から表している黒色と、川をイメージさせるロゴでシンプルなデザインにしました。
  • It is a package of drip coffee with 6 pieces. Kurose Town, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture has a rich natural environment, and the Kurose River that flows through the town is clean and clear. I made it a simple design with the black color that represents the kanji character of Kurose and the logo that reminds me of a river.
  • Art Director: Hajime Tsushima
    Creative Director: Yukiko Tsushima
    Designer: Hajime Tsushima
    Client: Kurose Chamber of Commerce

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